Carnival Cruise Line Expands Smoke-Free Casino Options

Carnival Jubilee Casino

Carnival Cruise Line is enhancing its smoke-free gaming offerings across its fleet.

A spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Line, a subsidiary of Florida-based Carnival Corporation, announced on social media this week that the cruise line now features 10 ships with smoke-free casino areas.

Smoke-free casinos on major cruise ships are becoming increasingly popular among passengers.

In addition to Carnival’s announcement of 10 smoke-free casinos, Royal Caribbean, the world’s second-largest cruise operator after Carnival Corp., converted several jazz clubs into smoke-free gaming rooms last year. Royal Caribbean transformed its “Jazz on 4” lounges on each of its six Oasis-class ships into smoke-free casinos.

Cruise Ship Smoking Regulations

In the announcement, Heald reminded passengers that smoking is generally prohibited throughout the ships, except in designated areas. Smoking inside staterooms and on stateroom balconies is strictly forbidden.

Major cruise lines provide designated outdoor areas for smoking to ensure safety. Cruise officials emphasize that fires are among the greatest threats to safety on a cruise.

Carnival and other large cruise lines offer an anonymous tip line for reporting smoking violations, which also apply to tobacco vapes. Additionally, bringing cannabis aboard commercial cruise ships is illegal under federal law.

Casino Smoking Rules

The only those seated at a slot machine or table game and actively gambling may smoke.

Smoking at the casino bar or while standing is not allowed, and cigars and tobacco pipes are only permitted in designated outdoor areas.

When the casinos are not operating—such as when docked or not yet in international waters—smoking is not allowed in these enclosed spaces. Many casinos also serve as muster stations during the embarkation process.

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