Crackdown on Illegal Gaming Activities Leads to Employee Dismissals at Crown Perth Casino


Amidst an ongoing investigation into illicit gaming operations, recent developments have resulted in the termination of employment for three individuals at Crown Perth casino, following the revocation of their licenses. This development comes in the wake of an inquiry into a separate underground gambling establishment, as reported by various news outlets.

According to the Australian Associated Press, the investigation led to the arrest of one individual, alongside fines imposed by the government’s Gaming and Wagering Commission on those associated with the unlawful gaming operations. Subsequent raids on two separate venues near Perth yielded approximately AU$188,000 in cash and gaming chips, underscoring the scale of illicit activity in the region.

During a raid in April 2023 on a Mount Lawley business, authorities seized over AU$128,000, leading to the arrest of a 35-year-old suspect on charges of money laundering, who subsequently pleaded guilty. Another raid in December targeted an illicit gaming operation concealed within a Cloverdale residence, resulting in the confiscation of more than AU$60,000 in cash and gaming chips, with sixteen individuals found participating, despite being previously banned from Crown Perth casino.

In response to these incidents, Racing and Gaming Minister Paul Papalia confirmed the closure of the illegal gaming operations following the raids, emphasizing the government’s commitment to enforcing regulatory measures. He further highlighted that during the initial raid, three employees of the casino were found to be working unlawfully.

Regarding the terminated employees, a spokesperson for Crown Perth stated, “We can confirm the three team members are no longer working at Crown,” underlining the decisive action taken by the establishment.

As investigations continue, Papalia issued a warning to organizers and participants of unlicensed gaming events, signaling a crackdown on such activities. Jennifer Shelton, Executive Director of Western Australia Gaming and Regulation, reiterated the targeting of vulnerable individuals by illegal casinos, citing problem gamblers, individuals with criminal ties, and those with unexplained wealth among the targeted demographics.

The ongoing enforcement efforts aim not only to curb illicit gambling but also to protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation by criminal organizations. Shelton noted the resilience of illegal operators but expressed confidence in continued enforcement efforts to disrupt their activities.

These developments underscore recent controversies surrounding Crown Casino Perth, including security vulnerabilities exploited by individuals to defraud the casino and previous findings of systemic failures in anti-money laundering measures. Crown, led by billionaire James Packer, operates multiple casino resorts globally and has faced significant regulatory scrutiny in recent years, culminating in substantial fines for regulatory breaches.

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