Gambler Faces Prison for Stealing from ‘Thunderbirds’ Writer-Director

Allan John Beacham

A UK carer accused of stealing £75K (US$95K) from an Emmy Award-winning writer-director to fund his lottery ticket addiction has failed to have his guilty plea vacated.

Allan John Beacham, 66, pleaded guilty in January to stealing from the late Alan Patillo, for whom he was a full-time carer.

In his later career, Patillo served as sound editor for Nicholas Roeg’s counterculture classic Performance, featuring Mick Jagger, and for Pink Floyd’s 1982 surrealist musical The Wall.

First Trial Abandoned

Patillo, suffering from stage-five Parkinson’s disease, was immobile and blind when Beacham allegedly began using the writer’s finances for his own benefit.

During a trial last June, the court heard that Beacham, who was already living in a house purchased for him by Patillo, siphoned money from the writer’s bank accounts between January 1, 2017, and June 1, 2019.

Patillo passed away in January 2020 at the age of 90.

Beacham’s erratic behavior during the trial included claiming illness and driving himself 150 miles home, and collapsing in the dock after hearing prosecution evidence.

Judge Loses Patience

At his sentencing hearing in March, he sought to withdraw his plea.

His lawyer requested an adjournment to obtain a medical statement from Beacham’s doctor, but Judge Adam Feest at Winchester Crown Court was unmoved.

Feest set a new sentencing hearing for June 21, warning the defendant that he is likely facing a prison sentence.

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