No Low-Temp Records Broken in Las Vegas for 25 Years

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On this day twenty-five years ago, Las Vegas set a record for the lowest temperature recorded on June 4th, with a chilly 50° Fahrenheit. This broke the previous record of 54° set in 1951. Surprisingly, since that day in 1999, Las Vegas has not set any new daily low-temperature records.

The last low-temperature record was tied twice, on April 15, 2009, and August 3, 2014, but not surpassed. According to the National Weather Service, nighttime temperatures from June through August haven’t dropped below 59°F since the year 2000.

Is This Really News?

While it’s no surprise that the desert is hot, the consistency of record-breaking heat is alarming. Half of Las Vegas’s record high temperatures have occurred since 2000. Currently, an excessive heat warning is in effect for the region, with temperatures expected to reach or exceed 110 degrees this week.

From June 5-7, extreme heat is forecasted to affect much of the Western US, Mexico, and Eastern Canada, with attributing this to human-caused climate change, making such events three times more likely.

If Las Vegas hits 110 degrees on Wednesday, it will mark the earliest in the year this temperature has been recorded, a milestone usually not reached until July 1.

Rising Temperatures and Their Impacts

Since 1970, Las Vegas has experienced a significant increase in average temperatures, rising by 5.8°F, making it the second fastest-warming city in the US after Reno, Nevada, which has seen a 10.9°F increase over the same period.

This ongoing temperature rise threatens to disrupt the water cycle, reduce snowmelt feeding the Colorado River, and diminish Lake Mead’s water levels. Additionally, it poses risks to human health, endangers native wildlife, and heightens the frequency and severity of wildfires.

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