Oklahoma’s Disturbing Casino Events


In a recent incident at Oklahoma’s esteemed Remington Park Casino, an unsettling event unfolded, leading to the arrest of an alleged robber who terrorized a casino winner with the presence of a snake before absconding with their jackpot.

The episode commenced when Jason McBrayer, aged 43, approached a slot machine player within the premises of the casino. It was reported that McBrayer brandished a live snake, causing extreme distress to the nearby patron who hastily vacated the vicinity without retrieving their substantial winnings, amounting to over $400.

Seizing the opportunity, McBrayer purportedly seized the unclaimed ticket, proceeded to withdraw cash from an ATM, and swiftly departed from the gaming establishment. Subsequently, sightings of McBrayer emerged along 23rd Street in Oklahoma City, where he allegedly menaced bystanders once more with the snake, perpetuating a state of fear within the community.

During an altercation at a nearby convenience store, McBrayer escalated the situation by menacing an employee with the snake, and further unsettling patrons with its presence. Shockingly, amidst the chaos, he proceeded to decapitate the snake with a pocketknife, intensifying the distressing scene before evading police intervention.

Law enforcement officers later managed to apprehend McBrayer at a nearby bank, where he was promptly arrested on charges of robbery by force or fear, alongside allegations of animal cruelty pertaining to the decapitation of the snake.

In a separate incident, Osage Nation tribal police intercepted and detained an individual at an Osage Casino, uncovering an arsenal of firearms, ammunition, and a substantial quantity of suspected methamphetamine in his possession. The suspect, who was sought by multiple law enforcement agencies for outstanding warrants, was apprehended without resistance.

While the exact charges against the detained individual remain undisclosed, the gravity of the situation underscores the vigilance required within the realm of casino security.

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