PlayAGS Surges Following Acquisition Announcement by Brightstar for $1.1 Billion

PlayAGS Soars

Today, shares of PlayAGS (NYSE: AGS), a prominent slot machine manufacturer, experienced a remarkable 26.56% surge in value, accompanied by trading volume 35 times higher than the daily average. This surge came in response to the announcement that the company has agreed to be acquired by Brightstar Capital Partners for a staggering $1.1 billion.

The acquisition deal, unexpected by many market observers, caught analysts off guard. Despite prior improvements in the company’s structure, PlayAGS continued to trade at a significant discount compared to its peers. Stifel analyst Jeffrey Stantial, among others, hadn’t anticipated PlayAGS being acquired in 2024.

While this acquisition comes as a surprise this year, PlayAGS has previously been a topic of takeover discussions. In 2022, Inspired Entertainment (NASDAQ: INSE) made a $10 per share offer for AGS, which ultimately fell through.

This acquisition marks PlayAGS’s latest private equity involvement. Previously, Apollo Global Management acquired American Gaming Systems (AGS) in 2013, later incorporating it into the PlayAGS entity. However, Apollo divested its stake in late 2022.

Brightstar’s move into the gaming industry with the acquisition of AGS appears to be its first venture into this sector. While financing for the deal is secured and shareholder approval is anticipated, there may be regulatory hurdles to overcome. Notably, Brightstar lacks licensing in the gaming industry, and navigating state gaming control board procedures could present challenges.

As PlayAGS prepares for this new chapter, investors and industry observers eagerly await further developments in this evolving narrative.

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