Evolution Red Door Roulette Live – A Comprehensive Review, Strategies, and Gameplay Guide


Red Door Roulette at Octabet Casino, a thrilling variant of the classic Roulette game, offers an enticing external bonus round with a chance to win up to 4000x your stake. This unique version introduces an added layer of excitement by integrating the Crazy Time Bonus Wheel at the best online betting site in Singapore.

The game’s payouts for Straight-up wins have been modified from the standard 35:1 to 19:1 to accommodate the possibility of multiplier wins during gameplay.

Unlocking access to the Bonus round hinges on winning a straight-up number bet containing a key. These keys, numbering from three to fifteen, are randomly dispersed across the betting grid. Some keys carry multipliers ranging between 2x and 20x, intensifying the Crazy Time Bonus wheel’s rewards during the bonus round.

How to Engage in Red Door Roulette at Octabet

Commencing with Betting Time

Initiating a game of Red Door Roulette involves placing bets on the betting grid. To qualify for the bonus round, straight-up bets are essential. However, players can also wager on other Inside and Outside bets, which follow the standard European Roulette payouts. The modified payout of 19:1 applies exclusively to straight-up bets.

Red Door Slot Activation

Upon the closure of Betting Time, the game’s presenter activates a single-reel slot machine showcasing numbered symbols from three to fifteen. The slot’s outcome, a random number, determines the allocation of “Keys” across the betting grid.

Distribution of Keys and Multipliers

As keys are assigned to straight-up numbers, an RNG (Random Number Generator) generates multipliers spanning 2x to 20x, designated to specific numbers. These multipliers carry over to the bonus round, augmenting the initial prizes on the wheel by their respective values.

Game Result Interpretation

When the ball lands in a pocket lacking a key, players with bets on that number receive a 19:1 payout. Bets on other positions holding the winning number adhere to the standard European Roulette paytable.

Initiating the Bonus Round in Red Door Roulette – The Crazy Time Wheel

At Octabet, activation of the bonus round prompts the presenter to venture through the red door, leading to the exhilarating Crazy Time Wheel. Featuring sixty-four segments inclusive of multipliers and double sections, the wheel’s potential rewards are amplified if the key included a multiplier.

Upon pressing the conspicuous red button, the wheel initiates its spin. Landing on a Double segment doubles all payouts, and subsequent spins continue doubling payouts until they reach a maximum of 4000x. Beyond this point, Double segments are replaced with 4000x multipliers.

Outcome of the Red Door Bonus Round

The final result hinges on the segment where the wheel halts. While all players receive the same multiplier payout, individual gains vary based on the original bet placement.

Strategies and Tactics in Red Door Roulette

The primary objective in Red Door Roulette at Octabet is accessing the Bonus Round. For enthusiasts focused solely on the Roulette experience, standard European Roulette or French Roulette with La Partage yield superior returns.

Strategic Insights:

Betting on All Numbers: Betting on all thirty-seven straight-up numbers incurs significant losses and is an unwise strategy.

Betting on Half of the Numbers: Wagering on half the numbers provides a break-even scenario, relying on sporadic bonus rounds to offset losses.

Betting on a Third of the Numbers: Betting on thirteen numbers (a third of the wheel) offers a balance of coverage and profitability, resulting in occasional wins and maintaining a stable bankroll.

This strategic approach minimizes risk exposure while maximizing the chance of accessing bonus rounds, providing opportunities for substantial wins within a controlled betting framework.


Red Door Roulette at Octabet Casino Live emerges as a groundbreaking concept, blending the allure of a casino game show with the familiarity of a classic table game, as highlighted by Evolution’s CPO Todd Haushalter. What sets it apart is the heightened action within the Red Door bonus round, offering an innovative approach to multiplier mechanics rarely seen in similar games at the best online betting site in Singapore.

Yet, it’s crucial to note the game’s volatility; while the bonus round can yield substantial rewards with the possibility of enhancing the already impressive 4,000x maximum payout through Key multipliers, achieving such heights requires numerous aligned features.

This game caters to thrill-seeking casino players drawn to chasing substantial wins amid comparably modest payouts. Even if high-risk ventures aren’t your norm, exploring Red Door Roulette proves worthwhile. Its top-notch production quality guarantees an engaging experience, and the bonus wheel’s appeal transcends individual gaming preferences. Register now!