WM Casino Live: Unmatched Gaming Elegance


WM Casino, a distinguished Malta-based software development company founded in 2003, stands out as a leading provider of premium online gaming solutions at Octabet. The Maltese Gaming Authority has granted WM Casino a prestigious Class 4 gaming license, positioning it as the first casino platform provider to receive such authorization.

Breaking away from conventional casino offerings, WM Casino focuses on live gaming, garnering widespread acclaim for its cutting-edge HD visual and audio quality. The casino’s commitment to accessibility in multiple languages and acceptance of diverse payment methods and currencies sets it apart from the competition.

Games at WM Casino showcase a unique blend of allure, featuring captivating HD visuals and impressive Return to Player (RTP) rates, distinguishing it as a top-tier online gaming live casino destination.

Top 5 Games at WM Casino

1. Live Baccarat

  • RTP: 98.10%
  • The dealer oversees the distribution of cards to the Player and the Banker, with Aces earning one point. The game offers a 1:0.95 chance of the Banker winning the bet, with a commission-free payout of one-to-one.

2. Live Dragon Tiger

  • RTP: 96.91%
  • In this poker game, the banker selects a card from the Dragon and Tiger deck to compete for points. With eight decks in play, players can bet on various outcomes, enjoying a compelling RTP rate of 96.91%.

3. Live Roulette

  • RTP: 97.98%
  • Roulette enthusiasts appreciate the substantial payouts, with successful Street bets paying 1:11, winning Straight Up bets paying 1:35, and various other winning bets offering competitive returns. The game boasts a current RTP of 97.98%.

4. Live Sic Bo

  • Explore the Big/Small bet in Sic Bo, where players predict the number revealed by three dice. Bets are placed on the betting grids, and the game adds excitement with additional pieces and a machine to shake the dice.

5. Live Fan Tan

  • This engaging game unfolds on a large table under a transparent dome filled with tiny white buttons. Players can choose from various wagers, and the dealer’s wand splits the buttons into groups, determining the outcome based on the final number in the group.


WM Casino’s well-designed platform, coupled with its distinctive emphasis on live gaming, has solidified its position as a major player in the online casino market. The casino’s engaging games, robust software, diverse payment options, and enticing promotions collectively contribute to its standing as a premier gaming destination. Elevate your gaming experience with WM Casino, the epitome of sophistication and innovation in the online gaming industry. Discover the allure of Octabet, the pinnacle of live casino entertainment, and experience the best online betting site in Singapore with WM Casino Live. Register now!