Introducing Fish Prawn Crab 2 by Spadegaming


Arenowned name in the iGaming arena. Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of Slot game Singapore at Octabet with this sequel to the original Fish Prawn Crab. Packed with enticing features and captivating gameplay, this detailed review delves into the game’s intricacies, symbols, and potential for Free Spins, offering insight into what awaits players at the best online betting sites in Singapore.

Game Overview

Fish Prawn Crab 2 boasts a distinctive 3-2 layout, comprising 3 reels and 2 rows, a departure from the conventional 5-reel format. Unlike traditional payline structures, wins hinge on specific symbol combinations, adding an element of intrigue to gameplay.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of colors and captivating visuals that adorn the game’s theme, lending it an alluring aesthetic appeal. With seamless performance and stunning graphics, players are in for an immersive experience.

Featuring medium volatility, Fish Prawn Crab 2 fishing game strikes a balance between modest and substantial wins, catering to players across the risk spectrum. With betting flexibility ranging from a minimum stake of 1 to a maximum of 500, it accommodates both casual players and high rollers, ensuring an inclusive gaming environment. While specific theoretical RTP values remain undisclosed, the game’s unpredictability keeps players engaged and eager for more.

Symbols and Combinations

A myriad of symbols grace the reels, each contributing to the game’s charm. From Violet and Dice to Cock, Deer, Fish, and Chip, these symbols are categorized as either low-paying or high-paying based on their respective values within the game.

Winning combinations stem from matching symbols on the reels, with mechanics varying depending on the symbols involved and the rules outlined in the paytable. Players can refer to the paytable for comprehensive details on forming winning combinations and potential payouts.

Special Features

Fish Prawn Crab 2 introduces special symbols that heighten the excitement and amplify winning opportunities. Notably, Wild symbols serve as versatile substitutes for other symbols in the game, excluding specific bonus symbols, thereby enhancing the likelihood of winning and securing bigger prizes.

Moreover, the game incorporates unique features and bonus games to elevate gameplay. The Hot Hot feature, activated randomly, injects additional Wilds into the reels, paving the way for substantial wins. Additionally, the Jackpot Race feature offers players the chance to vie for various jackpot prizes, adding an element of competition and the allure of significant rewards.

Free Spins Feature

The inclusion of Free Spins in Fish Prawn Crab 2 presents players with the opportunity to unlock additional benefits by meeting specific requirements. From higher multipliers to increased winning prospects, Free Spins keep the excitement alive, with retriggers prolonging the feature and providing ample chances to secure victories.

Review Summary

At Octabet, Fish Prawn Crab 2 by Spadegaming delivers an exhilarating gaming experience characterized by its unique layout, vibrant visuals, and engaging gameplay. Medium volatility ensures that players with varying risk appetites can partake in the action, while the game’s unpredictability sustains player interest. Although exact RTP values remain undisclosed, the game’s diverse array of symbols and winning combinations ensures each spin is imbued with excitement and anticipation. With features like Wilds, Hot Hot, and the Jackpot Race, Fish Prawn Crab 2 offers a compelling blend of entertainment and potential rewards.


Fish Prawn Crab 2 caters to players seeking a visually appealing and immersive gaming experience. With its innovative layout, diverse symbols, and exciting features, it offers a fresh perspective on online slot gaming.

Enthusiasts of slot games laden with thrilling features and bonus rounds are likely to find Fish Prawn Crab 2 irresistible. Whether it’s the allure of Wilds or the chance to participate in the Jackpot Race, the game promises excitement and rewards aplenty.

In conclusion, Fish Prawn Crab 2 at Octabet emerges as a captivating and entertaining slot game that warrants inclusion on every avid player’s “must-try” list. Immerse yourself in the world of Fish Prawn Crab 2 for an unforgettable gaming experience at the best online betting sites in Singapore. Register now!