Dive into Thrilling Waters with Fishing God by Spadegaming


Embark on a captivating adventure beyond traditional slot games by exploring the innovative Fishing God offered by Spadegaming at Octabet. This immersive arcade-style game offers a unique and engaging way to elevate your gaming experience and potentially boost your winnings at the best online betting site in Singapore.

Fishing God plunges you into the depths of the ocean, challenging your fishing prowess as you target various aquatic creatures. The game presents a diverse array of fish and ocean denizens, each carrying substantial payouts for successful captures. Among these, the presence of several Special Fish promises even more substantial rewards, adding depth and excitement to your gameplay.

Fishing God Summary

Provider Spadegaming
RTP 97.00%
Minimum Bet 0.01
Maximum Bet 10
Special Symbols Gamers will be presented with opportunities to ensnare Fishing God’s unique Special Fish.
Bonus Features Based on the Special item you’ve captured, various special features can be activated, granting complimentary bullets or substantial payouts.
Jackpot N/A

Symbolic Diversity and Winning Potential in Fishing God

Dive into the enticing world of Fishing God, where shooting diverse aquatic creatures translates into varying payouts. The game features a plethora of fish species, each offering distinct rewards. A comprehensive paytable showcases the payouts corresponding to each type of fish and creature awaiting capture.


In this underwater realm, smaller fish yield more manageable catches but with comparatively lower payouts, ranging from 2x to 50x your bet. As your skills and aim ascend, so do the potential rewards. Certain fish types promise higher payouts, varying between 30x and 70x, with exceptional instances reaching an impressive 200x your initial wager. The ultimate challenge lies in capturing the elusive golden dragon, offering monumental payouts ranging from 60x to an astounding 888x your original bet.

The rewards you reap correlate directly at the best online betting site in Singapore, as higher payouts demand greater skill and precision. Pursuing the more elusive and rewarding catches promises a richer and more fulfilling gaming experience.

Bonus Features Elevating Fishing God’s Gameplay

Upon launching Fishing God at Octabet, players are presented with three distinct areas to explore and pursue their catches: Junior, Expert, and Godlike. The choice of room not only dictates the gaming experience but also determines the range of bets available. The Junior room accommodates bets between 0.01 and 1 coin, while the Expert level allows wagers ranging from 0.1 to 5 coins. Meanwhile, the Godlike room invites bets varying from 1 to 10 coins, catering to different preferences and betting styles.

Once the betting amount is chosen at the best online betting site in Singapore, the thrilling fishing expedition begins. Beyond the regular gameplay, Fishing God introduces Special Fish and items, enhancing the potential for abundant rewards.

Special creatures such as Lazer Crab, Drill Crab, and Bomb Crab tantalize players with payouts of up to 120x the bet, accompanied by unique tools augmenting the shooting experience. Wheel Crab triggers a special feature, potentially awarding a remarkable 300x payout, while Flash Jellyfish, apart from offering 120x rewards, releases electric waves stunning random fish on screen.

Rapid Fire Cannon and Golden Fortune Bag emerge as game-changers, with the former granting 60 to 100 free bullets and the latter offering a substantial prize of up to 200x. The pinnacle of excitement arrives with Dragon King’s Treasure, activated upon capturing the Dragon King, potentially rewarding players with significant payouts ranging from 10x to an exhilarating 300x their bet.


Fishing God at Octabet stands as an exhilarating fishing game that beckons players with its diverse betting levels and flexible wagering options. The inclusion of Special Fish and items amplifies the thrill, promising players a dynamic and rewarding fishing expedition. With the chance to immerse oneself in an underwater adventure and pursue bountiful rewards, Fishing God captivates with its engaging gameplay and exciting prospects. Experience the thrill of the deep seas and the promise of substantial winnings through this immersive fishing escapade. Register now!