By applying as an Affiliate on Octabet, you fully agree and accept these Terms & Conditions.

  1. Commission rate started at 30% initial rate as long as affiliate meets the requirement of active player monthly. Commission rate will be increased according to the Net Company Win/Loss and Number of active player.

  2. Net Company Win/Loss explanation:
    • Gross company win/loss = total win/loss of an affiliate member win/loss * -1
    • Bonuses: including rebate and all kind of bonuses/rewards that members received from Octabet.
    • Admin fees: 15% on Gross company win/loss (included all royalty, transaction fees, and others)
    • Net company win/loss = Gross company win/loss – bonuses – Admin fees
  1. All negative gross company win/loss incurred for any given month will be carried over to the following month.

  2. Octabet will send affiliate monthly report & Commission will be settled every first 7 days of the following month.

  3. Affiliates either receive commission on Octabet member account or via local bank transfer, and USDT.

  4. Creation of multiple accounts by same player is prohibited. In the event any player that has been found to do so, Octabet reserves the right to have the accounts suspended and revoke all accumulated winnings without further notice.

  5. Affiliates or members involved in a collusion or any fraudulent activities will be dealt with accordingly.

  6. These Terms & Conditions are part of the General Octabet Terms & Conditions.